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 +====== 20.11.2015 - Sebastian Fuchs ======
 +^ Time       | 14:00    |
 +^ Room       | 34-420 ​  |
 +===== Title =====
 +Definition and Generation of Self-contained Digital Forms based on the OASP4JS Reference Architecture
 +===== Abstract =====
 +Within the scope of this thesis, we present an approach for defining
 +and generating self-contained digital forms based on an industrial architecture.
 +The target environment for generation is specified by the OASP4JS Reference
 +Architecture for web-based business applications.
 +Our goal is to reduce the development efforts for forms by utilizing a declarative
 +language to describe forms independent of their underlying implementation
 +technologies. The declarative form description represents the input to a generator
 +transforming the abstract form into a representation conforming to the target
 +architecture. The conceptual considerations are followed by the implementation
 +of a prototype enabling the generation of declaratively defined forms and their
 +integration into an OASP4JS-based business application.
 +In contrast to other solutions to form generation in an industrial context,
 +the focus of this thesis lies on developing a lightweight solution that seamlessly
 +integrates with a target architecture and its technical infrastructure.
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