12.11.2015 - Sebastian Lutsch

Time 15:00
Room 34-420


Cloud Types for Android


Providing a consistent shared state is a challenging task. The cloud types idea was proposed by Sebastian Burckhardt et al. to provide a possible solution for this shared state. The idea is based on conflict free operations. For this thesis, an Android implementation realizing this idea was implemented. This allows an Android developer to utilize cloud types on any Android app. Even the definition of own cloud types is possible.

As the framework was designed with extensibility in mind, nearly all modules of the system can be exchanged easily. A detailed description how to use and extend the system if necessary is given. A case study was implemented to demonstrate that the framework is feasible and easy to use. This also demonstrates how to use the framework.

Ultimately, a few questions for further research are elicited that might be used for further improvements of the cloud types approach.

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