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 +====== 05.06.2014 - Sebastian Schweizer ======
 +^ Time       | 15:00    |
 +^ Room       | 34-420 ​  |
 +The presentation will be done in German. ​
 +===== Title =====
 +Benutzerautorisierung in Informationssystemen mit parametrisierten Rollen (Bachelor'​s thesis)
 +===== Abstract =====
 +Modern information systems manage confidential data which must not fall into the wrong hands. User authorization is the process of checking whether a user has been granted specific permissions. A role based approach simplifies access control at the cost of flexibility.
 +We are introducing a method to define roles with parameters. This way, a finite description at design time can define an arbitrary number of roles at runtime. For example, a single description of the role project manager for project X suffices to define the role of project manager in every project managed by the system. It is also possible to structure roles in a hierarchical way and to inherit permissions from other roles.
 +An exemplary implementation of a security layer undertakes the task of checking permissions. It may be placed between the GUI and the access layer. Checking permissions in a dedicated deeper layer enables robust access control.
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