Advanced Seminar on Programming Theory

The seminar is a platform to present and discuss current research. This can be work from a university group, but also from guests or from top conferences. The seminar is open to everyone interested in software technology and concurrency theory.

Integration in the Curriculum

Students can take the seminar, provided they already have a Bachelor's or equivalent. Please contact us if you are interested.


Time and Room

Usually, the seminar will be at the following time in the following room.

Time Thursday, 15:00
Room 34-420

Time and/or day of some events might differ.


Topic and abstract can be found on the individual pages.

Summer Term 2016

Winter Term 2015/16

Summer Term 2015

Winter Term 2014/15

Summer Term 2014

Winter Term 2013/14

Summer Term 2013

Winter Term 2012/13

Summer Term 2012

Winter Term 2011/12

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