Compiler and Language-Processing Tools

Information about this lecture can be found in KIS (Lecture / Exercise) and in the Module Handbook.

The lecture will be held in English.

Please register for the lecture in Moodle. All material for the course can be found in the Moodle learning platform (you can login as a guest, if you do not want to register for the lecture). You have to click “Enrol me in this course” in the left sidebar in order to register.


The information below is not final yet. Please check the page again at the beginning of the semester.

The lecture will take place on 6 dates during the semester, each from 13:45 to 19:00 in room 48-453:

  • Thursday, 28.04.2016
  • Friday, 29.04.2016
  • Friday, 27.05.2016
  • Friday, 10.06.2016
  • Thursday, 21.07.2016
  • Friday, 22.07.2016

In addition to the lecture there will be practical exercises. In the practical exercises, the topics of the lecture are put into a practical perspective by constructing a compiler from scratch. The practical exercises will not influence the final grade, however they are mandatory to be admitted to the final examination.

There will be an exercise session every Monday from 11:45 to 13:15 in room 13-305, starting with the first exercise on April, 18th. Additionally, we are planning to have lab-sessions, where you can get support and feedback for the practical exercises.

The first practical exercise sheet will be given out during the first lecture and the last exercise sheet during the last lecture. Therefore you should plan to spend 2 more weeks after the last lecture for completing the last exercise sheet.

As this is a 8CP lecture, you should plan to spend around 240 hours on the lecture and the practical exercises. If you do not have much experience with implementing bigger projects in Java, you should plan to spend more time on the practical exercises. If you lack some of the theoretical prerequisites (definition of formal languages, regular expressions, context-free grammars, finite-state machines, pushdown automata), you should also incorporate this into your planning.


  • Jörg Herter will give the lecture.
  • The exercises will be supervised by Peter Zeller.


If you have any questions regarding the lecture or organization, please contact Peter Zeller.