Master Project Software Engineering, Winter Term 2008 / 2009

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In this project a modelling tool will be developed that allows to check consistency between model and implementation. Models could be UML diagrams or other models which are developed in the Software Technology group. The tool will be implemented as an Eclipse-Plugin. The used frameworks will presumably be JDT, EMF, and GEF.

Module Information

  • Module Number: 89-3282
  • Presence Hours: project (4P)
  • Credit Points: 8 CP (corresponds to 240 work hours)
  • Level: Master (Advanced Level)
  • Language: German (English on request)


  • The project will be done during the lecture period.


  • Bachelor in Computer Science (exceptions can be allowed under certain cases)

Educational objectives

Ability to apply engineering methods and techniques for the systematic development of software-intensive systems, in particular: * Application of component frameworks and composition techniques * Application of software development tools * Ability to work in a team * Perception of technical roles as well as management and quality assurance tasks * Going through a complete cycle for the development of new software or for the enhancement of a given application * Application of procedures based on re-use


Registration is closed.

Important Dates

  • The first meeting takes place at 16 Oct. 08, 14:00 o’clock, in room 34-420. Attendance at this meeting is a requirement for the participation of the project.

Contact Person