Master Project Software Engineering, Winter Term 2010/2011


In this master project, we are developing an Eclipse plug-in for the ABS Language (Abstract Behavioral Specification Language). It will have the usual features of a modern IDE like syntax highlighting, outline views, auto completion and so on. At the end of the project we will even develop a debug mode for ABS, which will allow the user to interactively step through an ABS program. Further information about the current development can be found on

Module Information

  • Module Number: 89-3282
  • Presence Hours: project (4P)
  • Credit Points: 8 CP (corresponds to 240 work hours)
  • Level: Master (Advanced Level)
  • Language: German (English on request)


  • The project will be done during the lecture period.

Educational objectives

Ability to apply engineering methods and techniques for the systematic development of software-intensive systems, in particular: * Application of component frameworks and composition techniques * Application of software development tools * Ability to work in a team * Perception of technical roles as well as management and quality assurance tasks * Going through a complete cycle for the development of new software or for the enhancement of a given application * Application of procedures based on re-use


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Dipl.-Inf. Jan Schäfer, und M.Sc. Yannick Welsch