Master Project: Programming with eventually consistent data stores (Summer 2014)

Today, a large percentage of software systems are distributed, deployed in the cloud, and involve potentially millions of users. Examples include social networks, computer games, cooperative editing software, and mobile applications. To reduce latency and increase availability, these systems often use a replicated data store, which provides only weak consistency guarantees. In contrast to classical strongly consistent databases, the replicas of an eventually consistent data store will converge only eventually to a value for a given data item after a phase of quiescence. Programs built on top of an eventually consistent data store can usually scale to a large number of users, but need careful engineering to overcome the limitations induced by the lack of strong consistency.

In this Master project, you will program an application using an eventually consistent datastore in a team of students. The exact task depends on the number of participants and will be given at the start of the project.

Module Information

  • Module Number: 89-3282
  • Presence Hours: project (4P)
  • Credit Points: 8 CP (corresponds to 240 work hours)
  • Level: Master (Advanced Level)
  • Language: English


The project will be done during the lecture period (starting at 22.04.2014).

  • Initial meeting: {28,29,30}st April 2014 (to be decided)


Please register before 21st April 2014 via email to

Further information:


In the case of further questions, please contact: * Peter Zeller ( * Deepthi Devaki Akkoorath (