Advanced Aspects of Object-Oriented Programming (summer term 2015)


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  • The date and time of the alternative exercise slot is decided. The alternative exercise will take place on Tuesdays at 17:15 in 34-420.

Old Announcements

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This lecture furthers knowledge and skills in the domain of object-oriented software development. Focus is on operational semantics of object-oriented languages, modularity and encapsulation, typing and type systems, and specification of program properties including tools and techniques supporting verification and checking. Further information is available in the “Modulhandbuch” for Bachelor & Master Studies.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the contact person listed below in case of questions or problems.


The lecture will take place on Tuesdays in room 48-462 at 11:45.

The lecture is structured into the following chapters. The slides for the chapters will usually be made available at least a day before the lecture.

  1. Introduction
  2. Objects, Classes, Inheritance
  3. Subtyping and Parametric Types
  4. Object Structures, Aliasing, and Encapsulation
  5. Specification and Checking
  6. Concurrency and Distribution (see also slides on JCoBox)
  7. Program Frameworks
  8. Component Software


The exam will be a written exam this year. It will cover the content of the lecture as well as the content of the exercises. The date of the exam is the 25.08.2015 9:00 in 24-102. In autumn there will be a second exam (Nachklausur) on 08.10.2015 9:00 in 01-006.


The practice aims at consolidating acquired knowledge with the help of exercises. Students will present their solutions and discuss them with the tutor. You are allowed to work in groups. For group work, please send your solution in only once.

The exercise session takes place on Wednesdays, 11:45 in room 48-462. An alternative session will take place on Tuesday, 17:15 in room 34-420 (we will cover the same material that we cover on Wednesdays).

Exercise Sheets

Exercise Material Hints and Comments
0 exercise00.pdf
1 exercise01.pdf hints01.pdf Heise Artikel (german)
2 exercise02.pdf HelloPlugin.jar hints02.pdf
3 exercise03.pdf hints03.pdf
4 exercise04.pdf hints04.pdf
5 exercise05.pdf hints05.pdf
6 exercise06.pdf hints06.pdf
7 exercise07.pdf hints07.pdf ByteArrayInputStream.jml
8 exercise08.pdf hints08.pdf
9 exercise09.pdf hints09.pdf
10 exercise10.pdf hints10.pdf
11 exercise11.pdf hints11.pdf
12 exercise12.pdf hints12.pdf
13 exercise13.pdf
14 exercise14.pdf

Additional Sources

If you have any questions regarding the exercises, do not hesitate to get in touch with the contact person listed below.

Contact Person

Mathias Weber