Bachelor Seminar : Winter Term 2009 / 2010

In winter semester, four working groups in the field of teaching “Software engineering and programming”

host a joint Bachelor seminar. The goal of the seminar is to give the students the opportunity to get acquainted with the research fields of these groups.

This seminar is also known as Module ID 89-3311 of the Module Handbook.

Beware, this is a Bachelor’s seminar. Only Bachelor students, who will write their bachelor thesis in the summer term 2010, can register.


15.2.2010: The last meeting on tuesday, 16.2. will be in room 48-680

14.1.2010: As announced, the schedule was changed. There will be no seminar on 19.1. but instead on 26.1.

The topic allocation will take place on Wednesday, 28.10.2009 in room 32-439 at 17:15. All students should attend.

General Remarks

The goal of a seminar is to introduce students to the major constituent of scientific method that is concerned with critically reading, understanding, summarizing, explaining and presenting existing scientific papers.

%U% The following links present this in more detail: General guidelines for seminars in English and German. Successful participation in the seminar requires:

Term paper (preliminary and revised version)

  • Approximately ten pages (excluding title page, table of contents, references, figures)
  • LNCS Style


Term papers from the last years: 1 2 3 4 5

(access password-protected, log-in announced per e-mail)


  • approx. 25 min. presentation (after 30 min. you will be stopped)
  • 10 min. Q & A
  • 5 min. comments on presentation style

How to fail a seminar …

  • Plagiarism
  • Non-observance of deadlines
  • Non-observance of compulsory attendance
  • Poorly written term paper (e.g. failed scope)
  • Bad presentation
  • No participation at discussion rounds

Schedule and Deadlines

The seminar will take place on Tuesday 17:15-18:45 in Room 34/420, starting on january the 5th. The schedule for the talks is the following:

5.1. Thilo Rauch
Rickey Gladstone
12.1 Phillip Diebold
19.1. free
26.1. Malte Brunlieb
Markus Kleine
2.2. Jan Kehl
9.2. Christian Rehn
Markus Heinz
16.2. Artur Guschakowski
Bo Lin

Presentation Slides:

  • Preliminary Slides: 1 week before the presentation
  • Final Slides: 1 day before the presentation

Both, preliminary and final slides have to be send to your supervisor and to Kathrin Geilmann as a PDF-File before the deadline.

Term paper:

The final version of the term paper has to be send to your supervisor and to Kathrin Geilmann as a PDF-File not later than the 8.2.09


Please note that some of the resources may only be accessible from the university network.

* Student * * Topic * * Further Information * * Supervisor *
Jan Kehl Current Topics in Fault Tree Safety Metrics 1 2 3 Kai Höfig
Christian Rehn Software architectural tactics and patterns for safety and security Book: Software Architecture in Practice, 2nd Edition 1 2 3 Adrien Mouaffo
Markus Heinz Models for Software Quality Prediction 1 2 Ansgar Lamersdorf
ArchJava: Connecting Software Architecture to Implementation 1 2 Jean-Marie Gaillourdet
Artur Guschakowski Refactoring Java Programs under Constrained Accessibility 1 Yannick Welsch
A Practical Type System and Language for Reference Immutability 1 Kathrin Geilmann
Bo Lin Trusted computing and digital identity management 1 Ricardo Neisse
Analysis of Technical Security Architectures in Mobile Platforms 1 2 Ricardo Neisse
Erik Müller Security Analysis of Public Key Infrastructures 1 2 Prachi Kumari
Philipp Diebold E-Voting 1 2 34 Oliver Maschino
Thomas Fischer E-Voting 1 2 34 Oliver Maschino
Thilo Rauch Security Software Development Process 1 2 3 Oliver Maschino
Rickey Gladstone Security Software Development Process 1 2 3 Oliver Maschino
Security Software Development Process 1 2 3 Oliver Maschino
Malte Brunnlieb Ambient Assisted Living – Unterstützung oder Überwachung? Kai Breiner
Markus Kleine Screen Design Standards Kai Breiner


If you have any questions concerning our seminar please send an e-mail to Kathrin Geilmann.