Architecture-aware Development Environment (cAdDiE)

This page describes the project about Architecture-aware Development Environments (cAdDiE).


Due to software industrialisation shows more and more impact on today’s software engineering companies, which focus their efforts on improving software development efficiency. One major tendency to cope with this problem is done by defining highly modularized reference architectures. Such architectures combine the best practices of a company in their possibly long experience of different projects. Beside the fact, that developers get more and more familiar with the overall architecture and the best practices, there might be also a large gab between architects and developers and the resulting Products (Architecture / Code).

Therefore, a great responsibility also for software development environments arise, which have to be aware of architectures to assist the developer in coding / check the developers code against the architecture. The target of this project is the extension of the Eclipse IDE with additional architecture-aware code assist, which encompasses code generation / code transformation (refactoring) / code complicance checking. We have set ourself high standards for any definition of input specifications. This means we want to be able to specify an architecture

  • easy and light-weight
  • partially
  • consistent and complete enough to enable generation / transformation / compliance checking


Completion Status

The project started in December 2012.