Master Project: Software Engineering (WS 17/18)

In this project, you will work with the distributed data store Antidote. Antidote is being developed at our working group in collaboration with other universities as part of the LightKone EU project.

Antidote is a highly available and partition-tolerant distributed data store. This means that the data is still available, even when a majority of its data centers have crashed or are not connected. It is designed to support planet-scalable cloud services and applications. Its technology enables extreme geo-scalability while reconciling performance and safety. To this end, Antidote ensures the strongest consistency that is compatible with availability, namely causal consistency.

The concrete task in this project will be about extending, testing, or using Antidote. We will update this page with more information before October.

Module Information

  • Module: “Software Engineering (Project)” 89-3282
  • Presence Hours: project (4P)
  • Credit Points: 8 CP (corresponds to 240 working hours)
  • Level: Master (Advanced Level)
  • Language: English
  • Lecturer: Annette Bieniusa, Peter Zeller


The project will take place during the lecture period of the winter term ’17/’18 (starting at 23.10.2017).

  • Kick-off meeting: October 24, 15:30 in room 34-420
  • The overall workload is 240 working hours (= 17 hours per week for 14 weeks during the semester).


Please register before October 23, 2017 via email to

Please include name, matriculation number, and field of studies. Also add a description of your programming background (technologies, open-source projects, course work, etc. preferably with links to github repositories) and a list of courses that you attended at TU KL in the field of Software Engineering, Software Technology, and Databases.

The number of places for the project is limited and will be assigned on a “first come, first served” basis.


In the case of further questions, please contact:

  • Peter Zeller (