Master and Bachelor Seminar: Winter Semester 2014/2015: Topics

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This is the current list of available topics. The sources should all be accessible via the university network.

The assignment of topics will be done based on preferences. Every student should send a top-3 list with his favorite topics to the organizer.

Note that there are some topics which can be taken by Bachelor and Master students.

Bachelor Topics:

  1. Concurrent Haskell
  2. Working with Monads in Scala
  3. The “Lens” package for Haskell
  4. Phantom types and generalised algebraic datatypes in Haskell
  5. Creating languages in Racket
  6. The Haskell QuickCheck Library
  7. Success typing in Erlang
  8. Lambdas and Streams in Java 8

Bachelor/Master Topics:

  1. Template Meta-programming for Haskell
  2. Lazyness vs. Strictness, Streams
  3. Functional Reactive Animation/Programming
  4. Parsing - Parser Combinators
  5. Scrap your Boilerplate
  6. Tail-Call-Optimization in Scala
  7. Type Providers in F#

Master Topics:

  1. Software Transactional Memory
  2. Concurrent Programming Without Locks
  3. Data parallel Haskell
  4. Eventually Consistent Transaction:
  5. Concurrent programming with revisions and isolation types
  6. The future(s) of shared data structures
  7. The Bloom language
  8. Dependent types: Liquid types in Haskell
  9. Towards a Formal Foundation of Web Security
  10. A sound type system for secure flow analysis
  11. Package patterns for visual architecture recovery
  12. Focus: A light-Weight, Incremental Approach to Software Architecture Recovery and Evolution
  13. Recovering Software Architecture from the Names of Source Files
  14. Scala actors: Unifying thread-based and event-based programming
  15. Determinacy in Static Analysis for jQuery
  16. Translating Imperative Code to MapReduce