Specification and Generation of User Interfaces Based on Method-Oriented Dialog Flows


Considerable time and effort is spent on implementing user interfaces and assuring that the implementation conforms to the user interface architecture. Although existing user interface generation approaches can be used to reduce the implementation effort, the generated user interfaces are not tailored to user interface architectures. This thesis shows how dialog flow specifications can be used for the automatic generation of user interfaces with regard to user interface architectures. An abstract user interface specification approach is proposed which enables platform independent specification of dialog flows. In addition, a Java-based user interface specification language is used to investigate whether dialog flows can be practically defined using the elements of the Java language, such as interfaces and annotations.

As a proof of concept, a new software tool is presented which is able to generate web based graphical user interfaces with regard to a concrete user interface architecture which was developed by the “Bundesstelle für Informationstechnik des Bundesverwaltungsamtes” in cooperation with Capgemini sd&m. The evaluation results show that the developed user interface specification and generation method optimizes the workflow for the creation of the user interfaces.

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Dipl. Inf. Patrick Michel