My Erdös Number

My (extended) Erdös number is at most 6. It can be determined in two ways:

Nicole Rauch: 6 Nicole Rauch: 6
Arnd Poetzsch- Heffter: 5 Arnd Poetzsch- Heffter: 5
Gary T. Leavens: 4 Gary T. Leavens: 4
Don Pigozzi: 3 Kim Bruce: 3
Jiri Sichler: 2 Albert Meyer: 2
Laszlo Babai, Ervin Fried, Zdenek Hedrlin, and Jaroslav Nesetril: 1 Daniel J. Kleitman: 1
Paul Erdös: 0 Paul Erdös: 0

If you are curious to learn what this is all about, take a look at the Erdös project database.