Research of the AG Softwaretechnik

The general research areas of the group are described here (so far only in German). Current and past projects are listed below.

Current Projects

Name Description
LightKone Lightweight computation for networks at the edge

Past Projects

Name Description
SyncFree Large-scale Computation without Synchronisation
MoVeSPAcI Modular Verification of Security Properties in Actor Implementations
HATS Highly Adaptable and Trustworthy Software using Formal Models
IC0701 Formal Verification of Object-Oriented Software (COST Action)
WoM Web of mathematical models
HOPP Hardware assisted Acceleration for Monte Carlo Simulations in Financial Mathematics with a particular Emphasis on Option Pricing
cAdDiE Architecture-aware Development Environments
EMERGENT Grundlagen emergenter Software
ComDeCo Composable Derivative Contracts
ProGenCo Proof Generating Compiler
Encoop Encapsulation and Concurrency Transparency in Object-oriented Programming
Jive Java Interactive Verification Environment
A3XDB Adaptivity Aspects of Architecture and Application Programming for XML Databases
EVAS Development Methodology for Verifiable Adaptive Embedded Systems
WiVeProAb Knowledge-based Product Derivation for Product Lines
MMiSS !MultiMedia Instruction in Safe Systems
VerifiCard Tool-assisted Specification and Verifcation of Java Card Programs
EasyComp Easy Composition of Future Generation Component Systems
Lopex I + II Construction of Logic-based Programming Environments
ISPLGENT Integrated Specification of Programming Languages for the Generation of Language-specific Tools
MAGIC Interactive Specification and Generation of Compilers